At PAR, we are bringing innovation and optimization to your everyday processes with our robot solutions.

Why choosing PAR Robot solutions?

  • Integration: The power of our solutions amplifies when integrated with our robust WCS, vision systems or other devices. This dynamic integration improves the reliability of the entire solution.
  • Adaptable and flexible: Embracing constant change is key for business success. Our robots are designed around flexibility, adapting to fluctuating operations without disrupting the flow.
  • Proven performance: Before implementation, our solutions undergo rigorous studies supported by tailored simulations and tests to guarantee functionality.
  • Versatile solutions: Considering the scale or complexity of your requirements, we offer a complete range of solutions that ensure a perfect match for your specific necessities.

Key benefits

Safety: Ensure a safer workplace by letting robots handle risky tasks.

Error reduction: Improve process accuracy with the precision of our systems.

Efficiency: Boost your production through smoother and faster workflows.

Real-time monitoring: Monitor live performance and analyze historical data for solid decision making.

Cost reduction: Save money by using cost-effective robots that streamline processes.

How does it work?

Our innovative system enables the robot to adapt to variable scenarios in its environment. This adaptability is a result of our continuous communication with the WCS (link), allowing for continuous communication and distancing ourselves from the traditional operational approach, with cyclical pick-and-place routines and fixed behavior.

This communication ensures constant awareness, including the elements handled, real-time process statuses, completion percentages, position calculations, trajectory optimization or detailed log information, among others.

The key to our system lies in the ongoing interaction with the entire production process, not just the robotic cell. The robot becomes an integral part of the interconnected and responsive production ecosystem, driving efficiency, flexibility, and competitiveness.

Use cases

Discover firsthand how our robots are making a difference across the industry.

A real-world example of a palletizing robot application using our technology.

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